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GEOINT Walkthrough 🧭

The aim of this article is to present how the quizzes published as part of the “Quiztime” series can be solved, which purpose is to enable the learning of GEOINT techniques with challenges on Twitter.


Posted by Fiete Stegers on March 20, 2020 on Twitter, the goal of the challenge was to determine the exact geographical position of where the following photo was taken:

Initial image of the challenge

Several answers of different levels of precision were expected:

Level 1: Is this Hamburg?

Note that it is a good idea to begin by rotating the image 90° counter-clockwise and determining the elements that seem relevant in the window reflection.

Image after rotation and specification of relevant elements

The environment has heavy vegetation but still looks like a city. & Two buildings with quite specific architectures and longitudinal buildings are present in the photo. It was not possible to identify the orange elements, but these make one think of ring buoys because of their color and therefore of a potentially river/port environment.

After switching the view to Satellite mode and 3D on Google Maps, I started my search looking for the items listed above in Hamburg, as the post subtly mentioned, possibly looking for a spot near the Elbe.

Flying over Hamburg we quickly find the two buildings because they overlook the city given their height.

Aerial view of buildings Ⓑ (Google Maps)

So the answer is : yes.

Level 2: At which coordinates was the picture taken?

Level 3: …And at which height (don’t trust my GPS)?

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